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2nd chance promotion

Up for grabs: A total of $50,000 in prizes!

He dreams of travelling to Italy

Bon voyage, Jean-Guy!

He checked his ticket at midnight—and found out he won!

The lucky winner says he plans to take his family to Portugal.

Antonio won $1,000,000 at the Extra!
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Extra - Summary

*The $1,000,000 grand prize is divisible.

How to play

  • Extra cannot be played alone. It is always linked to another product.
  • Each number is made up of 7 digits from 0 to 9 and is decomposable in both directions.
  • Up to 10 numbers may be played on a same ticket (except in the case of Quick Plays).
  • All Extra numbers are generated by computer.
  • Each draw is conducted as follows: Loto-Québec conducts 7 random draws, each among all digits from 0 to 9, to form in order the winning number. This number is decomposable in both directions (see the Prize structure and odds of winning).
  • Terminal-based lottery with a draw:
    • The Extra number drawn for a given date is used for all lottery draw games to which it is linked and whose draw took place on that same date.
    • When the Replay Option is used for the product to which it is linked, the Extra is also replayed. Note, however, that the Replay option is not available for Quick Play games.
  • Terminal-based lottery without a draw:
    • The Extra number is valid for the evening draw on the day of purchase, provided that the wager was registered by 10:30 p.m. Otherwise, it is valid for the next Extra draw.
    • The Replay option is not available.

Prize structure and odds of winning

Prize structure and odds of winning
Category Prize Odds of winning
Complete number (7 digits) $1,000,000* 1 / 10,000,000
Last 6 digits$25,0001 / 1,111,111
Last 5 digits$5001 / 111,111
Last 4 digits$501 / 11,111
Last 3 digits$201 / 1,111
Last 2 digits$51 / 111
Last digit$21 / 11
First 6 digits$10,0001 / 1,111,111
First 5 digits$5001 / 111,111
First 4 digits$501 / 11,111
First 3 digits$201 / 1,111
First 2 digits$51 / 111
Total 1 / 9.1

*The $1,000,000 grand prize is divisible.

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