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Lotto 6/49

Gilles recognized his numbers right away.

He has been playing the same numbers since 1982. When they came up, he cried tears of joy!

Lotto 6/49

A generous sibling

Marc always said he would share his winnings with his other siblings if he won the lottery, and he has kept his word. The Lachance family pocketed 25 million dollars!

Our winners


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Results for previous draws
Results for previous draws

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Draw Results
March 29, 2017
03-12-16-17-22-30 Bonus (B): (48)
Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize
Non decomposable complete number

Detailed results for the main draw

Category Winners Prizes
6/6 0 $5,000,000.00
5/6+B 1 $199,168.90
5/6 145 $1,144.60
4/6 5,465 $57.70
3/6 92,417 $10.00
2/6+B 48,790 $5.00
2/6 587,527 Free Play
TOTAL 734,345  
Total Sales: $13,290,036
Next Jackpot:
April 1, 2017
$7,000,000 (approx.) + ONE GUARANTEED $1,000,000 PRIZE

Origin of winning tickets

6/6 5/6+B Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize
Québec 0 0 0
The Prairies 0 0 0
British Columbia 0 0 0
Atlantic Provinces 0 0 0
Ontario 0 1 1

Detailed results for the Extra draw

Category Winners Prizes
Complete number (7 digits) 0 $1,000,000*
Last 6 digits 2 $25,000
Last 5 digits 5 $500
Last 4 digits 61 $50
Last 3 digits 578 $20
Last 2 digits 5,569 $5
Last digit 54,982 $2
First 6 digits 0 $10,000
First 5 digits 6 $500
First 4 digits 48 $50
First 3 digits 561 $20
First 2 digits 5,436 $5
TOTAL 67,248  
*The one million dollar grand prize is divisible.
07-20-35-36-43-45  Bonus (B)  (21)

Detailed results for the regular draw

Category Winners Prizes
6/6 0 $2,000,000.00*
5/6+B 0 $75,000.00**
5/6 5 $750.00
4/6 475 $75.00
3/6 8,653 $10.00
2/6+B 6,986 $5.00
TOTAL 16,119  
*The grand prize is divisible. **The total amount payable for prizes in the 5/6+ bonus number category is limited to $450,000 per draw. If this limit is reached, the prize amounts will be determined in proportion to the number of winning selections in this category.
Total Sales: $544,373
Consult the Results for past years to view previous results.

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Lotto 6/49 - Summary

  • COST: $3 for 1 play (comprised of 1 "Regular Selection" and 1 "Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection")
  • MINIMUM JACKPOT: $5,000,000, growing from draw to draw according to sales if it is not won
  • DRAW FREQUENCY: Bi-weekly, every Wednesday and Saturday
  • DEADLINE FOR WAGERS: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30 p.m.
  • ODDS OF WINNING A PRIZE: 1 in 6.6 with 1 play
  • ODDS OF WINNING THE JACKPOT: 1 in 13,983,816
  • ODDS OF WINNING A GUARANTEED $1,000,000 PRIZE: Variable according to the total number of "Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections" issued for that draw
  • FIRST DRAW: June 12, 1982

Regular Selection and Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection

For Lotto 6/49, 1 play is comprised of 1 "Regular Selection" of 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and 1 "Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection", representing a computer-generated 10-digit number. There are 2 draws per week, i.e. on Wednesday and Saturday, and millions of dollars to be won each draw.

Regular Selection

In the Main draw, the Regular Selection of 6 numbers could lead to winning the jackpot (6/6 category). When the jackpot is not won for a given draw, it is added to the jackpot for the next draw. Also, other prizes can be won in 6 other categories: 5/6 + Bonus, 5/6, 4/6, 3/6, 2/6 + Bonus and 2/6. To win, you need to get, in a single selection, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers identical to those of the winning selection. The Bonus number, represented by the "+B" symbol, is associated only with the categories 2/6 + Bonus and 5/6 + Bonus. To win in these categories, a single selection must contain respectively, in addition to the bonus number, 2 or 5 numbers identical to those of the winning selection.

The Main Draw is conducted using a single ball machine containing balls numbered from 1 to 49. Seven balls are drawn at random from the ball machine. The first 6 balls form the winning selection and the 7th ball represents the bonus number.

Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection

For each Regular Selection, you get 1 computer-generated Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection. Each Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection issued is unique and represents a number composed of 10 digits (XXXXXXXX-XX).

For the Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections, a segmented group of numbers is assigned to each of the 5 Canadian lottery corporations. Also, the Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections are issued in sequence. For example, when a lottery ticket is composed of several plays, the first 8 digits of your selections remain the same and the last 2 digits range from 01 to the number of plays purchased (67890123-01, 67890123-02, 67890123-03, etc.).

When a lottery ticket is composed of 3 Lotto 6/49 plays or more, your Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections are shown as a range. For example, if you buy 10 Lotto 6/49 plays on a same lottery ticket, you will get 10 Regular Selections and 10 Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections, which numbers will range from 67890123-01 to 67890123-10. Your Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections will be indicated as follows:

FROM: 67890123-01
TO:       67890123-10

In the Guaranteed Prize Draw, one Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection is drawn from among all those who have been issued for that draw. This winning selection allows a participant to win a Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize. A winning selection is one whose number is identical to the one of the Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection drawn. Thus, in the above example, if the number of the Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection drawn is 67890123-07, your selection would be the only winning selection of the Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize.

To ensure there is only one winning selection of the Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize, every selection must be unique. That is why it is not possible to choose the numbers of these selections and all Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections are computer-generated. Each 10-digit number is therefore a unique selection and the odds of winning the Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize are the same as for any other selection that was issued for the draw.

The Guaranteed Prize Draw is conducted using a certified random number generator.

Find out more about how draws are conducted.

How to play

  • You may play online, using the mobile app or at a Loto-Québec retailer where you can pick your own numbers or opt for selection(s) randomly generated by Loto-Québec’s computer. Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections are always computer-generated.
  • One play is comprised of 1 Regular Selection of 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and 1 Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection, representing a computer-generated 10-digit number.
  • Lotto 6/49 is governed by the Rules and Regulations respecting Lotteries and Lottery Tickets of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC), which include limitations of liability.
  • Choose Double Jeu 49 to play Lotto 6/49 and Québec 49 simultaneously.
  • Choose Forfait lottos to play Lotto 6/49, Québec 49, Lotto Max and Québec Max simultaneously.
  • You may play as a group online or at a retailer with Formule groupe.
  • You may play combination.
  • Extra is available with this game.
  • You may purchase play(s) valid for more than one draw.
  • The Replay Option is also available with this game.

Game conditions [PDF - 40 KB]

Prize structure and odds of winning

Lotto 6/49 is a variable-prize game. In the Main Draw, prizes are calculated according to sales and divided equally among the winners in each category.

Category Prize Pools fund %†† Odds of winning
Main Draw
6/6 $8,811,827 79.5% 1 / 13,983,816
5/6+B $110,841 6.0% 1 / 2,330,636
5/6 $2,199 5.0% 1 / 55,492
4/6 $78 9.5% 1 / 1,033
3/6 $10 Fixed prize 1 / 56.7
2/6+B $5 Fixed prize 1 / 81.2
2/6 Free play Fixed prize 1 / 8.3
Guaranteed Prize Draw
Complete number
(10 digits)
$1,000,000††† Variable according to the number of "Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections" issued for that draw
Total 1 / 6.6

Average prize
The Pools Fund is the “Main Prize Fund” (40% of sales) minus the sum of all prizes payable to the winners in the 2/6, 2/6+B and the 3/6 categories.
The Guaranteed $1,000,000 Prize comes from the “Guaranteed Prize Draw Fund” (7% of sale). This fund occasionally allows more than one Guaranteed Prize for a draw to be offered.

The bonus number is indicated with the “+B” symbol.

Lotto 6/49 - Advertisement

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  • In French only

  • In French only.

  • In French only.

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