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How to play as a group

There are three ways to play as a group: with online groups, with Formule Groupe at a retailer, or with a group purchase agreement.

Online groups

Group members can now play Lotto Max, Québec Max, Lotto 6/49Québec 49 and Extra online or or on mobile devices with the Lotteries app

You can:

  • join an existing group
  • create a group and invite your friends

Online group play enables players to purchase one or more shares in a group and pool them with the shares of the other members. One share corresponds to a set number of selections or plays for a given product, to which one or more Extra numbers can be added for one or more draws. Share configuration is defined by the creator of the group.

The number of shares in the group (between 2 and 100) is also determined by the group’s creator. The final number of shares in the group is confirmed at the deadline of wagers and corresponds to the actual number sold, whether or not the maximum number of shares has been reached. As an example, a group that is defined as having a maximum of 75 shares could in the end be comprised of only 10 shares if that was how many had been sold at the deadline of wagers. The group’s creator also decides if the group will be public (visible to everyone using the search tool) or private (people will only be able to join if they have the group’s Web address (URL)).

Winnings resulting from group purchases are automatically credited to the Espacejeux accounts of each member of the group and free plays are automatically issued for the draw following the one for which they were won.

Formule groupe

To play using Formule groupe, you may join a group organized by a retailer or a consumer, or create your own group. To join a group organized by a retailer, ask the retailer directly.

To create a group, you may fill out a selection slip and choose your numbers or opt for Quick Picks. Formule groupe allows for 2 to 20 plays, and the group must purchase at least one play per group member. A group may play one draw at a time, i.e. the next draw of the game(s) selected.

Cost of each play (share):
Games Cost of each play (share):
Lotto Max $5 for three 7-number selections
Québec Max$2 for three 7-number selections
Lotto Max + Québec Max$7 for the same three 7-number selections participating in both the Lotto Max and Québec Max draws of a same date.
Lotto 6/49$3 for one 6-number selection and one “Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection”, representing a computer-generated 10-digit number.
Québec 49$1 for one 6-number selection
Lotto 6/49 + Québec 49$4 for one 6-number selection and one “Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection”, representing a computer-generated 10-digit number.

In this case, the same 6-number selection participates in both the Lotto 6/49 and Québec 49 draws of a same date.

Extra may also be played. Ask the retailer for the number of Extra numbers your group can play. 

When a group is created, the terminal issues a Création de groupe coupon. The coupon is necessary if the person responsible for the group wishes to replay his group. 

With Formule groupe, each participant receives a group ticket that allows him to check whether his is a winning ticket using a self-service lottery ticket checker, or have his ticket validated and claim his share of a prize, if any. 

In the case of a valid winning ticket, the value of the prize associated to this ticket is calculated in accordance with the number of shares indicated on it. Note that free plays won (applicable to Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and Québec Max only) are automatically issued for the draw following the one which they were won. Each group member's share of a free play is equal to that indicated on his/her winning group ticket. 

Formule groupe may be played in combinations

The Replay option is available with Formule groupe with a Création de groupe coupon. 

With a group purchase agreement

In the event you wish to create a group with more than 20 shares or purchase lotteries not available with Formule groupe, we suggest you proceed as follows.

All group members must be 18 years or older.

The person responsible for the group should endorse the ticket with the mention "as a group of X persons", photocopy the ticket, remit a copy to each member, and write up a group agreement indicating the following information necessary to claim a prize:

  • The name of the person responsible for the group
  • The names and contact information, including postal code and telephone number, of each group member.
  • Each person's share
  • The name of the lottery product(s) purchased
  • The number(s) of the ticket(s) purchased
  • The date of each draw

The group agreement must be dated and signed by each member. We suggest that you give a photocopy of the agreement to each of them.

Loto-Québec assumes no responsibility with respect to the accuracy or the use of information at any time contained in any group agreement. Loto-Québec cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Furthermore, Loto-Québec assumes no responsibility with respect to the sharing of a prize by the person responsible for the group, if that person has been designated by the group members to receive the payment. Note that only the original ticket may be presented to a retailer for payment.

How to claim a prize for a group