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Formule super groupe 

Formule super groupe enables players to purchase one or more shares in a group and pool them with the shares of the other members.

  • Lotteries offered: Lotto Max, Québec Max, Lotto 6/49, Québec 49 and Extra
  • Maximum number of shares: from 21 to 100. The final number of shares varies based on the number of shares sold. One share corresponds to one play in one or more lotteries, for one draw.
  • Available in-store only.
  • The groups are created by Loto-Québec.

How to play


  • Ask your retailer to see the available groups and make your selection.
  • Formule super groupe can only be played using Quick Pick.
  • You receive one ticket for each share of the group that you purchase.
  • Your ticket shows only the selections added to the group at the time of your purchase. You can see the other selections for the group on the list of selections.
  • The list of selections for the group and the number of shares sold changes up until the group is full or until the applicable deadline for wagers.
  • To see the list of selections for the group and the number of shares sold, you can:
    • enter your ticket’s control number in the tool for consulting the list of selections;
    • use the Scan option (camera icon) in the Lotteries app;
    • ask your retailer for the list. The complete list is available at a retailer only after the applicable deadline for wagers or 30 minutes after the group’s last share has been sold. Remember to take your ticket! The list of selections does not replace your ticket.
  • Before the draw, you can also see the number of shares sold by using the self-serve ticket checker at your retailer.

See the list of selections

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This ticket cannot be checked online. Please bring it to a Loto-Québec retailer.

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Good to know!

  • The final number of shares in the group is confirmed at the applicable deadline for wagers and corresponds to the actual number sold, whether or not the maximum number of shares has been reached. As an example, a group that is defined as having a maximum of 50 shares could in the end be comprised of only 40 shares if that was how many had been sold by the deadline for wagers.
  • The retailer can cancel a share in a group within 30 minutes of its registration, but never after the deadline for wagers or after midnight on the day of registration. During the cancellation period, it is not possible to see the selections for this share. For this reason, some selections are sometimes blurred when the list of selections is viewed.
  • Free plays are automatically issued for the group, for the draw following the one for which they were won.
  • Your group won? Find out how to claim your prize!