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Integrity and accuracy


Loto-Québec does everything possible to maintain the Québec population’s high level of confidence in the Corporation. The respect Loto-Québec has earned is founded on two basic values:

  • Integrity of its systems, games and draws and
  • Accuracy in the measures and procedures implemented by its experts.

The reputation and credibility of the Corporation rest on constant efforts to provide consumers with all the necessary guarantees that game rules are always followed. Loto-Québec takes every measure to ensure that each winning number is only the result of chance.

Draws and scratch ticket printing are conducted with the most utmost integrity under the supervision of a firm of external auditors. Being a Loto-Québec employee or retailer does not confer any advantage whatsoever.

Reliable equipment

Out of concern for reliability and security, Loto-Québec applies particular care to selecting equipment for draws. The equipment used is purchased from reputable industry firms or is manufactured according to individual product specifications.

Examined under a microscope

The equipment and other objects used for various draws are subjected to a series of tests conducted by Loto-Québec’s Draw Department, together with the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ). For example, draw balls are checked once a year and the computerized random number generator used for electronic draws has been tested and certified by an independent third party recognized for its expertise in the field.

Continuous vigilance

External auditors are the public’s eyes and ears at the site of draws. Currently, the firm MNP supervises and sees to the smooth functioning of all draws.

Meticulousness in publishing results

The same concern for integrity and accuracy is applied to making lottery results public. To ensure the accuracy of the results made public, Loto-Québec works in cooperation with media outlets to ensure that strict verification procedures are followed.

Draw procedure

Like many Canadian and American lottery corporations, Loto-Québec is now conducting all its lottery draws electronically. Only certain televised draws are conducted using a ball machine.

Electronic draws

The basis for electronic draws (an electronic tumbler) is the same as that for the physical ball machine, i.e. the draws are as secure and rigorous, and the outcome is the result of chance. To conduct an electronic draw, we use a computerized random number generator that has been tested and certified by an independent third party recognized for its expertise in the field. The system was designed to be as random as a ball machine draw, and results are verified by external auditors who use their own system, which is independent from that of Loto-Québec.

  1. After the deadline for wagers, these wagers are verified and confirmed between Loto-Québec’s system and that of the external auditor.
  2. The draw is triggered once eligible wagers have been confirmed between Loto-Québec’s system and that of the external auditor. The draw is randomly conducted using the electronic tumbler. The latter produces draw results at random, which are then verified and confirmed by the external auditor using a system that is independent from Loto-Québec’s.

    For example, to determine the winning number for Extra by electronic draw, as for a ball machine draw, Loto-Québec conducts 7 random draws, each among all digits from 0 to 9, to form in order the winning number. Thus, each digit has an equal chance of being drawn in each draw.
  3. Once chance has done its work, the auditors review and countersign the official draw reports.
  4. Following strict security standards and procedures, Loto-Québec’s draw team then transmits and distributes the draw results via Loto-Québec’s web site and other means of publication to make them known to the public as quickly as possible.

Ball machine draws

  1. A standard draw begins with the ball machine operator opening the room where the ball machines and command console are stored. Representatives of two teams, made up of Loto-Québec employees and external auditors, together open the safe containing the balls used for draws. Each team knows one part of the combination to the safe.
  2. While the operator sets up the ball machines, connects the electric cables that link them to the command console and performs various tests to ensure that the machinery is operational, the auditors and the draw supervisor examine the balls before placing them into the insertion mechanism of each ball machine, where they are again verified once in place.
  3. Once wagers have been closed and verified, in response to a signal from the draw supervisor, the operator sets the ball insertion mechanism in motion and selects the number of balls to be drawn from each ball machine. Also on a signal from the draw supervisor and after tumbling the balls at high speed for a minimum of five seconds, the operator initiates the release of the balls down the chutes.
  4. Once chance has done its work, the auditors review and countersign the official draw reports. Next, still attended by the auditors, the balls are examined once more after they are inserted in locked cases and returned to their safe.
  5. Following strict security standards and procedures, Loto-Québec’s draw team then transmits and distributes the draw results via Loto-Québec’s web site and other means of publication to make them known to the public as quickly as possible.

Special procedure for Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and Grande Vie

The draws for Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and Grande Vie, three Canada-wide lotteries, take place in Toronto. Loto-Québec and the country’s four other lottery corporations meet under the auspices of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation* (ILC), where they submit to procedures that are similar in terms of security and integrity. Thus, before every draw, each corporation notifies the ILC in Toronto once it has closed off the participating wagers in its territory.

Once the draw has taken place, the ILC notifies each of the participating lottery corporations of the winning draw numbers. These corporations then run the results through their computer systems to determine the number of winners in their territory. Afterwards, the corporations send this information to the ILC so it can establish the countrywide prize division, which is announced through the Loto-Québec Web site, Loto-Québec’s Lotteries application, certain newspapers and other means of communication. Each draw is conducted under the constant vigilance of external auditors from Toronto, together with those of the lottery corporations involved.

*Located in Toronto, the ILC is a partnership of Canada’s five lottery corporations: Loto-Québec, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Process for printing scratch tickets

Integrity is also a priority in the process for printing scratch tickets.

Today, most lottery tickets are printed using flexographic presses, which use flexible plaques and quick-drying liquid ink to produce visual elements in colour and the inkjet printing of variable information. A varnish is added to cover variable information so consumers can later remove the “scratchable” ink on the game areas.

Throughout the printing process, a team of technicians oversees quality control to evaluate the intrinsic security of the tickets at all stages of production. These specialists check the variable information, the overprinting and the finished product.

Printing and random distribution of the tickets is the responsibility of the printer. The tickets are first printed in rolls, cut and finally packed in booklets.

Ticket distribution to retailers

Once the printer has checked that the prize structure has been respected, the booklets are placed in boxes and delivered to Loto-Québec’s highly secured warehouse. It is from this location that the tickets are shipped to Loto-Québec’s retailers.

At no time is it possible to know in which boxes the winning tickets for the grand prize or any other prizes are located. In fact, the Corporation is dedicated to ensuring the greatest integrity at all times with regard to the distribution and sale of its lottery tickets.

Online gaming

Online gaming is offered in the legal, trustworthy and secure gaming environment of Loto-Québec.

Prevention and stringent verifications

Loto-Québec conducts regular and independent verifications of its online gaming systems to provide customers with a gaming site they can trust. In particular, measures have been taken to protect the systems against computer hacking. Random number generators certified by firms recognized for their expertise in the field are also used.

Your personal information is protected

Loto-Québec's online gaming website enables you to make your payments in a secure environment. In addition, information exchanged between our site and your computer is always protected. You may play online and access the information in your account using a secure communications link that meets the industry’s highest standards of security. For example, you cannot save your password on the browser. In addition, an identity validation process is applied to all contact through Loto-Québec's online gaming site.

You have a role to play

You can help Loto-Québec protect your online player account:

  • To avoid being a victim of phishing, add to your favourites. Always use this link to access the site and ensure that the browser bar is green and displays a closed lock icon.
    Closed lock icon
  • Protect your computer using antivirus software and a firewall.
  • Regularly update of your operating system, applications, browser and Adobe Flash Player.
  • Never reveal your password or the answers to your security questions to anyone. This information will never be requested by the Customer Service Department. Use the answer to your security question only with the "Forgotten Password" function.
  • Do not reveal your user name to anyone – except to Customer Service – who could ask you to provide it so as to validate your identity.
  • Do not use your account on public computers or on computers that do not belong to you.
  • Enter your password to play online.
  • Logout of Espacejeux as soon as you are finished playing to prevent any unauthorized use of your account.

Except at the time of registration, Espacejeux does not send emails with hyperlinks that lead directly to your account or request information about your account. Should you have doubts about the authenticity of a message, please forward the email to

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lotoquébec's online gaming customer service department.