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Draw Results
Next Jackpot
50 million*
Plus 2 prizes of 1 million*
this Saturday January 21, 2017
25 million*
+ 1  guaranteed million
Progressive jackpot
The amount of the progressive jackpot is coming soon.
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No need to bluff!

PLAY - Lotto Poker

$2,000,000 grand prize

PLAY - Québec 49PLAY - Groups

Millionaires from right here in Québec

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What’s new

Méga $$$$

In total, $200 MILLION in prizes to be won.

Méga $$$$

50 $ en masse

Scratch and you could win tons of $50!

50 $ en masse

Tout ou rien

A classic terminal-based game becomes a scratch ticket!

Tout ou rien (scratch ticket)

You enjoy historical places?

Get Pyramide!


See who’s won

Lotto 6/49 - Lot garanti

A Montréal woman wins on her birthday! [+]Lotto 6/49


They claim their prize just before the deadline! [+]Extra

$1,000 a day for life
Grande Vie

It’s a Grande Vie for a Montrealer! [+]Grande Vie


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