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Anick Dumontet takes us behind the scenes

An exclusive interview with the host of Roue de fortune chez vous!

What's your favourite thing about this show?

It’s the people. I get to meet Quebecers from all over the province and from all walks of life. Roue de fortune chez vous! really features a representative cross-section of our population. I look forward to meeting the winners, and as the show gears up for another season, I’m hoping we can gradually get back to some sense of normalcy this summer.

The best thing about Roue de fortune? It’s become a real tradition! Viewers tell me their parents and grandparents used to play it too. It’s been part of the Québec TV landscape for 33 years! I remember watching the show as a little girl. I never imagined I’d be hosting it one day!

Are you a fan of the game yourself?

Oh yes! I buy tickets every year. Actually, the entire Roue team plays it. We get a kick out of stopping at retail outlets while we’re shooting our segments on the road. The whole crew rolls up in Roue de fortune vehicles and outfits. We’re pretty hard to miss! We’ll buy scratch tickets and sometimes we’ll play Roue de fortune Éclair. When the wheel starts spinning on the terminal screen, I pretend I’m hosting the show. It gets a good laugh, everyone applauds and then just like that, we’re out the door! For the store attendants, it really makes their day!

You’re heading into your 13th season as the host of Roue de fortune chez vous! Will this be your lucky year?

My lucky number is 13, along with 31! A lot of good things have happened to me in connection with the number 13. A number feels lucky when it means something personal, when we associate it with an event in our past, but I know that good fortune is really a matter of chance. That said, I feel truly lucky to be starting my 13th season of Roue de fortune chez vous! It’s a real privilege to earn a living doing this dream job! When I get recognized on the street, people often remark how incredible my job must be. They see the Roue de fortune team as ambassadors of happiness. And they’re right!

Can you reveal any behind-the-scenes secrets?

Only winners can spin the wheel. No one else is allowed to do it, because as lottery equipment, it’s monitored very closely. After all, there’s $1 million on the line! But we all have the right to play the game. I have as much chance as anyone else to win Roue de fortune chez vous! and Roue de fortune Éclair. Maybe one day I’ll even get to spin the wheel myself!

Also, shooting days can get very long so the crew is always supplied with snacks. We get little chocolate bars—the most popular has always been Coffee Crisp. Some people even hoard them! I remember one driver who would pull out Coffee Crisp minis and give them to us as gifts, to reward us for a job well done or to help us through a tough day. Oh, and when we’re on the road, we’re always grabbing food at restaurants and buffets. At the end of each season we inevitably start grumbling about putting on "wheel weight!"


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To learn more about the 2021 season, read the press release: Roue de fortune chez vous! returns for another season across Québec.