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En mode festival!

This summer’s hottest ticket

You could win one of five amazing festival experiences!

En mode festival! - Summary

  • COST: $2
  • GRAND PRIZES: $10,000
  • LAUNCHED: April 17, 2023
  • GAME NUMBER: 7-3003

En mode festival unique experiences

Prize packs up for grabs with the En mode festival ticket:


The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • Two platinum tickets for the festival, valid for three days
  • Two Evenko VIP passes
  • $200 in food and drink coupons that can be redeemed on-site

Juste pour rire / Just for laughs Montréal

The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • Four bilingual passports to attend Just for laughs Montréal and Juste pour rire indoor shows
  • Access for four to the VIP box at all outdoor shows on the final two nights of the festival
  • Access for four to the festival's Wrap Party
  • Two double-occupancy rooms, with breakfast included, at the Double-Tree by Hilton Montreal during the final weekend of the festival
  • A $500 gift card for Bivouac restaurant
  • A $250 gift card for the festival gift shop

​Francos de Montréal

The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • A VIP evening for 10 that includes:
    • ​Dinner for 10 at the restaurant
    • One double-occupancy hotel room
    • Access for 10 to a private box during an outdoor show, with drinks included

​Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau

The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • Four passes, valid for the duration of the festival
  • Four passes to the VIP patio with dinner included every night (from Thursday to Sunday)
  • Four front-row tickets to the nightly show (from Thursday to Sunday)
  • Hot-air balloon ride for four
  • A reserved parking spot for the duration of the festival (from Thursday to Monday)
  • Four drink tickets per person per day
  • $813 in spending money

Festival d'été de Québec

The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • Four passes, valid for the duration of the festival
  • Four one-night VIP passes, at the choice of the festival
  • Two rooms in a partner hotel
  • A backstage tour of the festival
  • $500 in spending money

​Festival Western de St-Tite

The $5,000 prize pack includes:

  • Boots and a hat (in the winners' sizes)
  • Gift voucher for the festival's official boutique
  • The rental of a camper and plot of land
  • Two guided tours to learn more about rodeos and the festival's history
  • $100 worth of tickets to rodeos and horse competitions
  • Tickets to a rodeo, with seats in the platinum section
  • Tickets to a show, with premium seating
  • A sheriff's badge
  • $600 for meals
  • $1,896 in spending money


How to play

  1. Scratch "JEU 1" (game 1) entirely. Uncover 3 identical prizes and win that prize.
  2. Scratch "JEU 2" (game 2) entirely. Uncover 3 identical symbols and win the prize indicated in the "LOT" (prize) box of this game.

NOTE: If both symbols in the "√" box are found in the play area, validate your ticket at a retailer.

Checking tickets and prize claim

You can check this ticket online and via our mobile app.

You've won the lottery? Congratulations! To claim a prize, fill out the back of your ticket. Present the ticket in whole, within 12 months from the date of issuance of this lottery.

Prize structure and odds of winning

Prize structure and odds of winning
Description Prizes Number of prizes* Odds of winning
Winner 1 prize
  $10,000 3 1 / 340,000.0
One-of-a-kind festival experience$5,00051 / 204,000.0
$500101 / 102,000.0
$250161 / 63,750.0
$1001401 / 7,285.7
$507001 / 1,457.1
$255,1641 / 197.5
$1019,3001 / 52.8
$579,8001 / 12.8
$2169,9001 / 6.0
Winner 2 prizes
$2 + $25 $27 100 1 / 10,200.0
$2 + $10$121,0001 / 1,020.0
$2 + $5$75,0001 / 204.0
$2 + $2$410,3001 / 99.0

* These figures are based on sales of 1,020,000 tickets.

The odds of winning a prize can vary, depending on the number of claimed prizes and the quantity of printed tickets.

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Governed by the By-law respecting the Mini Loto, any instant lottery and any "pool" type lottery. All winning tickets must be confirmed through the validation number. The sale of lottery tickets to minors is forbidden by law. At the time of purchase, some of the prizes offered may have already been claimed.